Saturday, 6 August 2011

Universal Informational Model

Beyond the Current Software Thinking

Today,at the beginning of the third millennium,the discussions in the software world are about the new forms of the old things!

Your question is:
“How to use IT to improve the quality of government”

and your firm suggestion: “Cloud”.

But, the Cloud is a hype construction having Data Center as a “question mark” pillar. Data Center will always be a question mark for accessing, trusting, security, costs, etc, and some X-as-a-Service hides the complexity, not solves it.

There’s little room for Federal directive:
“To Dramatically Simplify the Complexity of IT”!!

A detailed analysis of the informational real world should be done!

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  1. Some assertions:

    0: The trends, promises or advices are nothing!
    We are because we invented!
    We’ll be only if we’ll invent!

    1: A Relational Database in a company (or organization) is a result of a very old vision and approach in computer science:
    1. A company as a pool of people and
    2. A company as a pool of data.

    In reality, a company is not a pool of people, nor a pool of data!

    2: “To understand the world of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), look at the world around you for a moment….. Everywhere you look, objects surround you.”
    We know that any “modern” software construction is based on OOP.

    But the most important natural entity in our life is the individual!

    We can think a software model in terms of Individuals (at the high level) and Objects (at the low level).

    3: If I have an object in my house, I don’t search it in the village database (even if we talk about a Global Village!).

    I use an airplane as a service, but I have a car.

    I use the software services, but I don’t give up to the software products.